Football Season Is RV Season At Boat N RV!

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Make no mistakes, your friends at Boat N RV are THE PLACE TO BUY your next RV at.  We’ve got fifth wheels, travel trailers, Class A’s, Class C’s, and just about anything you could possibly want this fall.  Whether you are looking for the perfect tailgating setup for the upcoming football season, or the perfect motor home for your family’s upcoming vacation, WE HAVE IT ALL, AND THEY ARE PRICED TO SELL!.  Check out a full list of our inventory Here.  If you know what you are looking for, its super easy to locate using our sort function at the top of the page.  If you don’t, feel free to browse through all of it, or give us a shout on our Contact Page and tell us what you are looking for i.e. needs, wants, price range, etc.  One of our helpful and knowledgeable sales associated will contact you back promptly and help you locate the perfect new addition for your family.  We can’t wait to talk to you and induct you into the RV lifestyle at Boat N RV today!

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Football Season Is RV Season At Boat N RV!

The Recent Upgrades To The Key Largo V24 Offshore WA Cuddy Are A Must See!


As proud dealers of Caravelle Boat Group, we are always working on ways, with Caravelle to give our customers the best “bang for their buck” in the industry.  With the new improvements to the Key Largo V24 Offshore WA Cuddy we have done just that, and our customers are RAVING about the new upgrades.  The upgrades are as follows:

  • Changes to the motor bracket and motor position-This adds much better handling, and an overall better performance at top speeds
  • Improved USB plug-Whether you want to charge your phone, or play some music, the new updated to the USB port will not disappoint
  • Upgraded 12-volt outlet-we have updated the 12-volt outlet to the sturdiest and best version available
  • Form fitting transom seat-You’ll get compliments on how nice and comfortable this upgraded transom seat is
  • Improved front and rear flood lights-These really make night fishing trips more enjoyable, and our customers have reaped the benefits
  • Improved trailer front roller(trailer optional)-  The higher quality roller now included with this boat’s trailer make launching and loading a breeze.  This really comes in handy with a boat this size

All of these improvements have added up to a “dream boat” that will have you being the envy of all of the other boat owners out on the water.  Stop in at your closest Boat N RV to see what the V24 Offshore has to offer today!

The Recent Upgrades To The Key Largo V24 Offshore WA Cuddy Are A Must See!

America’s Largest RV Show In Hershey, Pennsylvania 9/14 Through 9/18

Tickets and spaces are filling up fast for America’s Largest RV Show(and don’t forget there will be boats too!).  The show is from September 14th, through September 18th.  We will be showing off a huge selection of Class A’s, Class C’s, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, and plenty of boats as well.  Check out all of our motor home inventory Here, or our boat inventory Here.  Also, don’t forget to stop by and see us, because we will be having giveaways, hanging out with our loyal and happy customers, and you will find EVEN BETTER DEALS ON-SITE!  Come find the perfect luxury RV or boat for you and your family through your friends at Boat N RV!


America’s Largest RV Show In Hershey, Pennsylvania 9/14 Through 9/18

5 Tips To Keep You Safe On The Water This Labor Day.

Labor Day is FAST APPROACHING and we wanted to give you some tips to both keep you safe, and having fun all weekend long.

1.)  Speed Kills

While, typically, there are no special speed zone alerts like you might see on July 4th to control traffic on the water (Always check with your local Coast Guard to be certain), captains should always travel at a safe speed.  In boats, a safe speed varies depending on the type of vessel, water conditions, and other boat traffic.  It’s much harder to feel how fast you are going on a boat, as opposed to a car because you have a speedometer and things constantly passing you as you go.  With all that said, practice caution while out on the water.

2016 Caravelle 20EBi_06

2.)  Check all of your equipment before you go out on the water

Always make sure safety equipment is ready to use, including fares and the fire extinguisher.  Having them on board is only half the battle:  They aren’t much use to you and your family if they don’t work.


3.)  Always Wear Life Jackets

Having a life jacket onboard and not wearing it is like having a seat belt in your car and now using it.  Boaters should ABSOLUTELY NEVER have a plan of putting on their jacket after there is an accident.  At that point, it’s too late.Roughly 80% of boating deaths happen to people not wearing a life jacket.


4.)  Make a “Float Plan”

Before going out on your boat, write down important information, including what kind of boat you will be on, who will be on it with you, where you will be going, and when you expect to be back (give or take a few hours).  This plan should be left with friends or family.  If nobody knows you are missing, it’s hard for them to be looking for you, should you be in trouble.


5.)  Always Boat Sober

Alcohol is the number 6 cause of death in all boating accidents.  If you are going to drink, always designate someone who will not be drinking to operate the boat.  I’d also recommend you show your “designated boater” how to put the boat on the trailer when you are done.  There are an endless amount of “Fail” videos on YouTube showing you why this is a smart idea.  Your passengers and boat will thank you later.

2016 Razor 239E_01

Basically, put safety first, and your fun will fall right in line behind it.  Enjoy the water and time with your friends and family.  Tag us on FaceBook or Twitter to let us see how your boat is handling the water!



5 Tips To Keep You Safe On The Water This Labor Day.

Order Parts From Your Living Room Today!

Did you know that you can order parts for your boat or RV from our online parts store, from the convenience of your home?  We make it easy.  Once you find everything you need, checkout just like you would on your OTHER favorite shopping sites, and we will ship it to you directly.  Click here to see what is currently available on our parts store today!

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*Note:Availability is both subject to seasonal demand, and customer demand.  If for some reason we are unable to ship or obtain any of your items at the time of your purchase we will refund you any and all money that is due to you.

Order Parts From Your Living Room Today!

I’ve Been Bitten By A Snake; What Should I Do?

First Off: If you’ve been bitten by a snake and that’s how you got here, call 1-800-222-1222 IMMEDIATELY for the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Whether you’re a seadog or a landlubber, there is one particular creature no one wants to see while having fun:  a snake.

There are only about 6 snake-bite deaths in the United States each year, but 1 person in 37,500 may be bitten by a venomous snake.  You can read more about venomous snake statistics HERE

Although you may not die from a snake bite, the effects of a snake’s venom can include multiple  symptoms, including nausea, dizziness, convulsions, paralysis, and others.  It depends on the snake, the location of the bite, and whether or not the snake delivered a dry bite, which any venomous snake is capable of doing.

But if you’ve been bitten by a snake, DO NOT ask a friend to suck it out.  This is a common myth, and though it won’t hurt your friend, it’s going to cause the same as using a snake venom suction kit:  Necrosis

Venom works by getting into your bloodstream.  When suction is applied to a snakebite, all of the venom is collected in one location.  With too much venom in one place, the body tissue surrounding the area can’t get enough blood, effectively killing the flesh, which will then have to be surgically removed.

There are other common remedies that won’t do much good:  tourniquets, ice, and even electricity being some of them.  None of these will have any effect on snake venom.  Even snake bite kits, commonly sold to folks who wish to look out for themselves, do more harm than good.  The simple answer is the best answer:  No first aid will do less damage than bad first aid.  Read more about snakebite myths HERE

The truth is that snake venom travels quickly and by the time you have noticed a snake bite, it may already be coursing through your body.  Most snake bites are easily confused with simple scratches, and bites can be as mild as a bee sting or feel like a searing, burning pain.  This means that you should always inspect any area of your body that receives a stinging pain while in the woods or water.  If you see two small holes, or two scratches at the location, it may have been a snake.

So what should you do if you’re bitten by a snake?

First, get away – but slowly!  Running, screaming, or otherwise stressing your body out raises your heart rate, pumping the venom through faster.  If you can see the snake, you need to calmly walk about 20-30 feet away from it.  If you can’t see the snake, walk calmly towards your camp.  Don’t try to find the snake and capture it, as this can lead to other people getting bitten, but if you can see the snake make an attempt to let others in the immediate area know.  If the snake is in your line of vision, make notes to yourself on the colors of the snake and any other features that might help emergency workers diagnose the bite.


“This snake is a copperhead.  If you were bitten by a copperhead and were able to see it but not recognize it, you might describe it as having no banding colors, but being green with dark colored streaks from head to tail.  This could help emergency personnel know what anti-venom to give you.”

While walking, call emergency services first and explain the situation.  If you are staying in an RV, your next call needs to be to the head office of the park you’re staying in or to the person whose land you’re on.  Tell them the situation and explain that you already have emergency services on the way.  Your next call should be to your family or whoever it is that is with you, if anyone, once again explaining the situation.  Keep calm the entire time, and pace your speaking and walking to keep your heart rate down.

If you are on a shore far from the launch area or otherwise not in your boat, still make the phone calls but wait until you return and are seated in your boat.  If you’re in the water and are bitten, swim back to your boat and climb aboard.

You should also remove any tight clothing, jewelry, or anything that might restrict the afflicted area should it begin to swell.

Once you’ve gotten far enough away from the snake, sit down on the ground and stay there for about half an hour.  In many cases of snakebites, your body will be reckoning with the influx of venom.  As the body is prone to doing when faced with a sudden invader, passing out on the ground may be part of your snake bite journey.  Many victims make the mistake of running to their vehicle and attempting to drive to the hospital – only to wake up after a car accident.  It is important that before this happens, you make contact with at least one of the above phone calls so that you have help on the way.

If it’s been half an hour and you have yet to pass out, you can slowly make your way back to your camp site or boat launch.  It’s important that you stick to as direct a route as possible, as this is the route that emergency personnel will most likely use.  Once arriving at your destination, lie down or position yourself so that the area that was bitten is raised up, much as is done with other injuries.  If you begin to experience symptoms that may be associated with the snakebite – headaches, double vision, nausea, etc. – try to let someone else know so that if you are unconscious when emergency services arrive, the information can be given to them.

When emergency personnel arrives, be sure to pass on as much information as possible.  Show them where you were bitten and report to them any symptoms that you are currently having, as this can help them form a timeline of the bite.  If you know what the snake looked like, be sure to tell them that as well.

But what if someone you’re with has been bitten by a snake?

Help them to a safe place, and if they do pass out, stay with them until they awake.  At that point it is safe to slowly make your way back to your camp or launch site.  Be sure that you, too, are staying calm, and try to keep an eye on the bite for them.  Stay with the person until emergency personnel arrive to take the situation over.

Snake bites are very scary, but knowing what to do when it happens is the safest thing you could possibly know!  Share with your friends and family to make sure that they know what to do in case they or someone they are camping or boating with has been bitten by a snake.

Have fun, and stay safe!

I’ve Been Bitten By A Snake; What Should I Do?